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Independent Call Center Agents

Here you can access W-9 Forms, Direct Deposit Forms, Tax Preparation Service Requests, SOW's, Current &/or Past Opportunity Announcements, Insurance Assistance Service Requests, Bookkeeping Service Requests, etc...

W-9 Form Pic.jpg

Independent CSP Contract

Please Read and Complete your Independent CSP Contract. *Please note that you are an Independent Contractor and not an Employee, therefore this contract is required in order for you to provide Customer Service Professional Services to our partners and/or their affiliates.


Independent Agent Portal

To request any of the following:

  • Coaching Sessions

  • Bookkeeping &/or Tax Prep Services

  • To view your current &/or Past Opportunity announcements

  • To view your SOW's

  • To view your Pay Statements

  • To communicate any issues, any needs, any suggestions, etc..

W-9 Form Pic.jpg

W-9 Form

Complete and Submit your W-9 form. All Independent CSP's must complete this form prior to being added to our roster. As an Independent CSP, you are responsible for your own taxes and all earnings will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-NEC and Form W-9 is needed for said reporting.


Direct Deposit Form

Please complete this form so that your pay can be directed deposited into the account you choose.

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