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Incorporated in Birmingham, AL on January 19, 2007 
Timothy & Tamara Jordan 


We had a vision of being successful business owners utilizing our skills, knowledge & education that we obtained over the years. Our mission is to provide an array of services that would benefit consumers as well as small business owners and/or businesses collectively.  We originally started with two (2) services and over the years added several services as the needs and desires of our customers grew.  


With us being consumers ourselves, we know what it's like to have to search around for different people and/or companies to provide different services, which can be frustrating, that is why we made the decision to be an all around service provider in the areas we know, understand,  and have education and a tremendous amount of experience in.

Mission Statement

At, Jordan & Associates, LLC, our MISSION is to provide NOBLE, QUALITY, & TIMELESSNESS, services to meet the needs, wants, & desires of those we encounter. There is POWER in the ENERGY reciprocated by LOVE and we LOVE & VALUE people. Our PASSION is ENDURING issues people encounter & being the solution to those issues, so they may have their needs and wants resolved, which allows them to attain their desires. Often-times people must take their time and search for different service providers for different services they need or simply want in order to attain their desires, our GOAL is to free up that search time by being a ONE STOP SOLUTION service provider.


STOP searching! Let us take those things off your to do list & bring your DESIRES to you!



Jordan & Associates, LLC specializes in & offer a variety of services, please click on the "Services" tab to get you one step closer to getting your needs and wants met.

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