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The Owners

We, Timothy and Tamara Jordan, are from Birmingham, AL, we have 10 children, YES 10!!! & 7 grandchildren.  We have been married since 2003 and together since 1996.  We love being able to provide quality and affordable services to people.  Our business was built around our family values, needs, & desires and therefore we put together a business plan that allow us to service people the way we need, want, & desire to be serviced.

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Timothy Jordan, has been in the Building and Construction Industry since 1999, while pursuing his goals of becoming a General Contractor, he worked in the warehousing industry for 14 years, climbing up the ladder at Birmingham Logistics, which sparked his interest in the Warehousing & Logistics Industry.  In 2005 while working in the Warehousing & Logistics Industry he obtained his General Contracting License and started his venture as a sole proprietor and performing GC services part-time on the side.  When the warehouse closed down in 2012, he dove head first into GC full-time, and closed a major deal to remodel/rebuild First African Missionary Baptist Church in Ensley, AL. 


Tamara Jordan, has been in the Tax Industry since 1999, starting her career in that field at H & R Block, where she excelled at becoming a Tax Specialist as well as the Office Administrator for two offices.  Tamara majored in and obtained her Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2003 and minored in Business Management at Virginia College in Birmingham.  Tamara furthers her Paralegal Studies by taking CLE courses at Samford University in Birmingham, she also furthers her studies in the Tax Industry by taking IRS approved CTE courses each year and she is recognized by the IRS as a reputable Tax Professional.  Tamara interest in Bookkeeping and Business Start-up services and Marketing sparked when she was minoring in Business Management.  Tamara recognized that all of the services she enjoy providing actually coincide with each other and therefore decided to offer all of her professional services to consumers, businesses and business owners.  Tamara has managed several payday loan companies, worked for two Birmingham, AL law firms as a Certified Paralegal as well as providing Independent Certified Paralegal services for several attorneys in Alabama, and provides payroll services to several small businesses among several other business services. 

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In January 2007, when the Jordan's started their Tax Preparation Service, Timothy and Tamara decided to Incorporate their business early on and gradually offering all of their services under the umbrella of their name, Jordan & Associates, LLC., and have worked hard every since, growing their business by adding services as the needs, wants and desires of their customers arise.

We, Timothy and Tamara Jordan, have certifications and/or accreditations in all services our company offer and we personally oversee all work produced.  We are extremely proactive in our company, as our name and our brand are of a tremendous importance to us.  

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